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Wifi signal for your home

Wifi signal situation

We are all wireless device users and we need strong and reliable wifi signal for work and entertainment. We have so many modern devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets which need the signal. The source of wifi signal mostly comes from routers which the internet providers give their clients. When a router is connected to the internet by default sends the signal around. Your devices detect this signal immediately. After login you can be a happy user and enjoy the internet connection.

Little complications

This is all sounds good in theory and quite often we discover some issues. In your house or flat the wifi signal is only strong just a few meters from the router and nowhere else. What can you do in this situation and how to extend the wifi signal strength much further?

Ways to solve it

Fortunately, as the wifi signal have been existing for quite long time in our world there are ways to improve it. They are just a few of them:

  1. Move the router to the more centralized location in your house or flat
  2. Organize an additional router and connect them together wirelessly or by cable
  3. Bring from a shop wifi powerline devices and configure them in your local network.

Physically moving router

Applying this way, you are dependent on the length of the telephone or coaxial cable from the internet provider. If the cable is too short you can buy an extension and check how it works. By default, the internet providers install their router as close as possible to the front window. Their clients don’t know about it and don’t have opportunities to check it. Physically moving a router by just a few meters inside the house can significantly change the whole wifi situation.


Adding an extra wifi router

You need to buy a wireless router which can be configured as a wifi access point. You also need to know something about router configurations and need to be ready for extra cabling works. If you have a spare old wifi router it can be done but your level of skills must be good. It is possible to do it but not recommended to the beginners.

wifi router

Setting up wifi powerline devices

This solution seems to be and is the easiest to accomplish even by the beginners. You buy wifi powerline devices such as Devolo, Netgear or D-link and plug them into the electric sockets around your house of flat. The instruction usually clearly explains step-by-step what you need to do. After a few minutes you should enjoy your much better wifi signal around your location.

wifi powerline

One thing to remember

Every router has inside wireless channel from number 1 up to number 13. Most of the internet provider routers by default work on either channel number 1, 6 or 13. If you live in the area with many router users it could be difficult. There is a risk that routers of your neighbours work on the same channel as yours. It means that you will be interrupting each other, and this can be quite easily healed. If you know how to login into your router you should be able to change it.


Whichever way of improving wifi signal you choose I wish you better wifi reception and very fast internet connection. If you have any additional question I am always ready to serve you with free advice.

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