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Hard Drive Replacement – Heal Slow Computer

Fast Devices 

Hard Drives – Our computers are getting faster and faster and this is normal for users. When we buy a new laptop or desktop we expect that our machine will be very fast and responding. We expect that the computer should be ready for actions in just 1 or 2 minutes or even faster. The fact is that they are faster than this. If your computer can’t do this it will be very frustrating to you. Fortunately, the manufacturers know it and they do a lot to make it happens.

Older Computers

When you buy a new computer the speed is really good but what to do with the 3-6 year old computers. They are only getting slower and slower so can it be improved. Can they also work in the same speed? The answer is Yes they can. They are two ways to achieve it. You can add more operational memory called RAM or and also you can replace the traditional hard disk for the SSD disk. SSD abbreviation stands for Sold State Drive. So RAM and SSD can revive your older machine.

SSD discs

Traditional hard drives have many mechanical and delicate parts inside. This makes them very vulnerable and problematic. This explains why when your computer has unexpected meeting with the floor does not want to start up at all. Especially laptops are in real danger as the desktop are not movable. SSD hard drives are built in a different way and inside you can only see a piece of green board with chips. Nothing mechanical at all for your sake.

How Can You Do This Upgrade?

The good news is that the disks are getting cheaper and cheaper and you don’t need to worry about the costs. You can, for example, buy 240GB SSD drive for just ¬£50 and your computer will be happy for the rest days of its life. The bad news is that you would have to find an instruction how to do this swap without loosing any data or software. You can find them online but if you are not feeling confident enough, I am able to help you with this little operation.

A bit more specific explanation about solid state drives you can find in this short video.

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