Adding an ethernet extender to a network

Internet access by an ethernet extender

We live in time where our houses and flat are full of devices which needs the internet connection to work. In some cases we have too many devices and not enough ethernet plug in our routers. Standard routers supplied by the internet providers give you usually four ethernet ports. This number really matters when you start connecting your devices to the router by the cable. What to do in these kinds of situations? The ethernet extender is your solution.

ethernet extender

The ethernet extension

The solution is quite simple and you need to know about it. You need an ethernet extension which works in the same way like a standard electric extension. But instead of extending the number of electric points you are going to extend the number of ethernet plugs. You can buy many kinds of ethernet extension with four, eight, sixteen or even thirty two extra plugs if you need them. The number of extra ports really depends on your needs and how many devices you plan to connect. These devices are really simple and they need only an extra electric power to start serving your.

Your internet needs

Nowadays we have many devices which need the internet connection and wireless connections are not always the best option. You need to know that the wifi connection is a convenience and luxury but reliability and speed are still really weak points of this type of connections. The cable connection offers stability and reliable speed which wifi cannot give you too often. Every time when is possible to connect a device by a cable do it without any hesitation. The only and probably the biggest week point of cable connections is running cables through your rooms and corridors. This situation can be solved but you need an extra work to hide them.

How does it work?

You power on the ethernet extension and via an ethernet cable connect to your router. Thanks to this simple action you have extra ports for your personal needs. It does not matter which number you will use because they are all the same in most of the cases. Remember that when you switch off the extension the internet connections will stop working as well. It is important to remember to have it always on.

A little tip – PoE ethernet extenders

You can buy in the shops the PoE extenders which also can run enough electricity through ethernet cables. These PoE extenders are particularly useful when you have VOiP phones or wireless access points without an extra electric plugs. The current inside these devices is weak and strong enough to work independently just on one cable. This solution can be particularly useful with CCTV cameras, VOiP phones and WiFi access points. These extenders are a bit more expensive that the standard ones but worth their price.

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