How to improve your computer Windows 10 Start Menu

May 31, 2017 , , , ,

Windows 10 Hard Way to Improvement During last 3 years Microsoft and Windows 10 did a lot of changes and improvement for customers. At when Windows 10 appeared 2 years-ago to replace Windows 8 many people hoped to see significant improvement. The improvement came and many of these changes were significant. Windows Updates have been working much better. Device Settings became easier to navigate and Microsoft get rid of many irritating feathers such as Charm […]

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How to migrate from your old computer to Windows 10

May 25, 2017 , , ,

Migration to New Windows 10 Computer This request coming back to me all the time and must admit it happens more often sometimes that repairing new Windows 10 issue. I can understand that you happily survived about 6-7 years with your older machine but you know that it’s time to change it for something newer. From one side, you would like to go for something newer, but from other side you are afraid and ask […]

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How to set-up Start Button in Windows 10

May 15, 2017 , , ,

Start Button evolution Starting from Windows 8, Microsoft started a new era of modern operating systems working on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. It sounds very brave and challenging but the reality is not so smooth and sweet as it sounds. Microsoft decided to change the Start button behaviour and now you have a new menu full of tails. You need to know that this menu was designed especially for touch screen devices. So […]

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