What is the difference between 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz in WiFi signal

Jun 08, 2017 , ,

Two WiFi Signal Frequencies Many more modern routers offer two ranges of WiFi signal frequencies and many users thinks what is the purpose of it. Many home and office users would like to make it clear why routers and access points offers these two frequency for clients. What frequency should you choose as a user and what are advantages and disadvantages of both. Three Main Factors of WiFi Signals Range – simply, the higher frequency, […]

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How to improve weak Wi-Fi signal

May 06, 2017 , , ,

Thanks to this post you can understand better why your wi-fi signal at home isn’t always great. Fast internet vs. Weak Wi-Fi signal You can have very fast internet speed from your internet provider. You can pay a lot of money to be proud of it. But if the router stays in very bad place the whole fun is not for you. You need to understand better the whole situation. Your internet provider Every internet […]

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How to Fix Slow Internet & Wifi Issues at your Home or Office

Apr 29, 2017 , , ,

There are many reasons why you may experience slow or intermittent network and wifi connection speeds in your home or office. This post will hopefully give you a better understanding on what could cause slow internet connections. How to fix them and ultimately improve your general internet and network connectivity. Your personal WIFI So, you have your broadband at home or office and it supposed to be fun. You can connect your wireless devices such […]

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