How to heal the WiFi signal from your router in your house

Jun 06, 2017 , ,

Busy WiFi Signal Areas Many of us live in busy areas of London and almost every household nowadays has a WiFi router. It is quite normal situation nowadays because almost everybody has a broadband contract with an Internet Service Provider. Approximately, 15 years ago every one of the four-house had a router. Nowadays, almost every house and family has at least one router and nobody is surprised with this. Because the number of wireless access […]

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How to connect your desktop to Wi-Fi network

May 17, 2017 , ,

Wi-Fi connection wanted We are used to the fact that our PC desktops are connected to the network and the internet by the Ethernet cable. To connect the desktop, you had to take an Ethernet cable and connect your router with your tower desktop. The operation was simple and you had to organise a few meters of the Ethernet cable to perform it. Of course, sometimes it has been a bit inconvenient if a desktop […]

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Healing weak WI-FI signal

Apr 26, 2017 , , , 1 Comment

WI-FI signal depends your internet experience We use many wireless devices to connect to the internet on regular bases such as laptops, printers, mobile phones and smart home equipment. The list is getting longer and longer and to keep them running we need strong, reliable WI-FI signal. The strength of the signal depends on how far we are from the closest WI-FI access point and how many different factors interfere the signal. It could be […]

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