How to heal the WiFi signal from your router in your house

Jun 06, 2017 , ,

Busy WiFi Signal Areas Many of us live in busy areas of London and almost every household nowadays has a WiFi router. It is quite normal situation nowadays because almost everybody has a broadband contract with an Internet Service Provider. Approximately, 15 years ago every one of the four-house had a router. Nowadays, almost every house and family has at least one router and nobody is surprised with this. Because the number of wireless access […]

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Connection to the Internet – the Ethernet cable vs. WiFi network?

Jun 05, 2017 , ,

Be Up to Date with WiFi Technology The computer technology has been progressing for last 20 years incredibly fast and you can sometimes feel out of date with the latest achievements. Computers gets smaller, lighter and more powerful. Hard Disks are getting bigger and bigger and their life of expectancy is longer and longer. Miniaturisation and a drive to became more suitable for client needs is easily noticeable even by the most resistant technology consumers. […]

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How to improve your home Wi-Fi signal and router condition

Jun 01, 2017 , ,

Typical Wi-Fi Signal Issue Just a week ago I was called to my colleague house to heal and improve the Wi-Fi situation. It did not look good at all. The Wi-Fi signal was regularly dropping off a few times a day and was very weak in the most important places in the house. They use the Wi-Fi and the internet on regular bases so it needed to be done as soon as possible. Inspection Walk […]

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How to improve the Wi-Fi signal in your garden office

May 24, 2017 , ,

The Wi-Fi Signal in your garden If your house or flat is already covered by the router Wi-Fi signal you can enjoy the wireless comfort. But what about your garden and your garden office shed? Do you have good Wi-Fi signal and the Internet speed over there? Do you rather have the situation that the wireless signal dramatically dropping off or your router covered this space without significant drop? Many people love their garden offices […]

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Running internet connection into your House or Office basement

May 23, 2017 , ,

Going down with the Internet During my cable and networking works, I usually try to reach the highest floor in a house or office inside the building but sometimes the direction is exactly opposite. Instead of going high I need to run down and nobody know where I would finish. I had many cases when a Home Office was situated in the cellar and the internet speed and experience was disappointing. The Wi-Fi waves by […]

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How to connect your desktop to Wi-Fi network

May 17, 2017 , ,

Wi-Fi connection wanted We are used to the fact that our PC desktops are connected to the network and the internet by the Ethernet cable. To connect the desktop, you had to take an Ethernet cable and connect your router with your tower desktop. The operation was simple and you had to organise a few meters of the Ethernet cable to perform it. Of course, sometimes it has been a bit inconvenient if a desktop […]

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Weak Wi-Fi signal from your router – how to fix it

May 16, 2017 , ,

Weak Wi-Fi Signal reality  When weak Wi-Fi at home or in your office became stressful reality, you can try free solutions before calling your internet provider. They are not guarantee that everything will working perfectly again so you can try them before more serious steps will be applied.    Free solutions to try Restart your router and computer – You can switch off your router, wait for about 30 seconds and switch on again. As […]

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