Connection to the Internet – the Ethernet cable vs. WiFi network?

Jun 05, 2017 , ,

Be Up to Date with WiFi Technology The computer technology has been progressing for last 20 years incredibly fast and you can sometimes feel out of date with the latest achievements. Computers gets smaller, lighter and more powerful. Hard Disks are getting bigger and bigger and their life of expectancy is longer and longer. Miniaturisation and a drive to became more suitable for client needs is easily noticeable even by the most resistant technology consumers. […]

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How to boost the WiFi signal in your house and backyard

Jun 04, 2017 , , ,

Poor WiFi Signal in Your House We live in time when a number of devices asking for Wi-Fi access is growing in every household. If you live in the house which has many rooms and a few floors a good Wi-Fi signal coverage could be a real challenge for you. The wireless signal from your router can have a difficult task to pass the walls and stairs. Some walls are perfect isolation barrier and you […]

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Weak Wi-Fi signal from your router – how to fix it

May 16, 2017 , ,

Weak Wi-Fi Signal reality  When weak Wi-Fi at home or in your office became stressful reality, you can try free solutions before calling your internet provider. They are not guarantee that everything will working perfectly again so you can try them before more serious steps will be applied.    Free solutions to try Restart your router and computer – You can switch off your router, wait for about 30 seconds and switch on again. As […]

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