How to boost the WiFi signal in your house and backyard

Jun 04, 2017 , , ,

Poor WiFi Signal in Your House We live in time when a number of devices asking for Wi-Fi access is growing in every household. If you live in the house which has many rooms and a few floors a good Wi-Fi signal coverage could be a real challenge for you. The wireless signal from your router can have a difficult task to pass the walls and stairs. Some walls are perfect isolation barrier and you […]

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How to improve your home Wi-Fi signal and router condition

Jun 01, 2017 , ,

Typical Wi-Fi Signal Issue Just a week ago I was called to my colleague house to heal and improve the Wi-Fi situation. It did not look good at all. The Wi-Fi signal was regularly dropping off a few times a day and was very weak in the most important places in the house. They use the Wi-Fi and the internet on regular bases so it needed to be done as soon as possible. Inspection Walk […]

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How To Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal in your house

May 22, 2017 , ,

Poor Wi-Fi reception I have many requests like this in my daily practice. For example, there is a three-floor house and many rooms in it. The internet is coming to the house and it has fibber-optic so the speed should be good. The router is new, but the Wi-Fi reception in the house in very poor. So, websites in any browser upstairs rooms open very slow and watching online movies is simply impossible. The computers […]

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