How to heal the WiFi signal from your router in your house

Jun 06, 2017 , ,

Busy WiFi Signal Areas Many of us live in busy areas of London and almost every household nowadays has a WiFi router. It is quite normal situation nowadays because almost everybody has a broadband contract with an Internet Service Provider. Approximately, 15 years ago every one of the four-house had a router. Nowadays, almost every house and family has at least one router and nobody is surprised with this. Because the number of wireless access […]

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How to improve the Wi-Fi signal in your garden office

May 24, 2017 , ,

The Wi-Fi Signal in your garden If your house or flat is already covered by the router Wi-Fi signal you can enjoy the wireless comfort. But what about your garden and your garden office shed? Do you have good Wi-Fi signal and the Internet speed over there? Do you rather have the situation that the wireless signal dramatically dropping off or your router covered this space without significant drop? Many people love their garden offices […]

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Installing a Wi-Fi access point in a Local Community Church

May 22, 2017 , , ,

Unusual Wi-Fi Request When I picked up the phone and heard the request I was a bit surprised. My good client, who asked me a few times for some networking jobs in his house, this asked me for extending a Wi-Fi signal in their community church. The Only Question In the past, I was extending wireless signal in the flats, houses, warehouses, shops and offices but in church never. The first question what I wanted […]

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