Weak WiFi Signal – Physical and Wireless Factors

Oct 29, 2017 ,

The Weak WiFi Signal A weak WiFi signal in your house can be a source of an annoying personal frustration. Just because you have the Internet router in your place doesn’t mean that WiFi signal will spread around equally and strongly enough for everybody. You can have a very fast internet speed – fibber optic – bought from your Internet Service Provider but the strength of WiFi signal is your personal responsibility. When the WiFi […]

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How to improve your WiFi signal quickly and efficiently

Oct 25, 2017 , ,

Typical WiFi signal issue Let’s imagine a typical situation that you live in a flat with two floors. On the first floor when the Internet router is the WiFi signal is strong and in your home office upstairs the WiFi signal is very weak and causing some troubles to your computers. Good vs. Weak Next to your router you can watch the internet video and open the website in just seconds. Upstairs the websites open […]

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How to boost the WiFi signal for your garden party during summer

Jun 07, 2017 , ,

WiFi Signal in Your Garden Garden party and barbecue season just come and you are almost ready for it. You have all equipment for great fun. The grass is cut, the coal was bought and the only missing thing is the strength of the WiFi signal coming from your house. Your family, friends and colleagues will come for sure with their mobile phones and they will ask for sure for your WiFi password access. You […]

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How to boost the WiFi signal in your house and backyard

Jun 04, 2017 , , ,

Poor WiFi Signal in Your House We live in time when a number of devices asking for Wi-Fi access is growing in every household. If you live in the house which has many rooms and a few floors a good Wi-Fi signal coverage could be a real challenge for you. The wireless signal from your router can have a difficult task to pass the walls and stairs. Some walls are perfect isolation barrier and you […]

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How to improve your home Wi-Fi signal and router condition

Jun 01, 2017 , ,

Typical Wi-Fi Signal Issue Just a week ago I was called to my colleague house to heal and improve the Wi-Fi situation. It did not look good at all. The Wi-Fi signal was regularly dropping off a few times a day and was very weak in the most important places in the house. They use the Wi-Fi and the internet on regular bases so it needed to be done as soon as possible. Inspection Walk […]

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Improving Wi-Fi signal in your location – Power Over Ethernet

May 25, 2017 , ,

No Electricity – No Wi-Fi? Sometimes I have situations when a client would love to extend the Wi-Fi signal but there is no electric plug to power on an access point or a Power Line plug. For example, a furthest corner of your garden or the top point of your roof. You can run the Ethernet cable but how to power on an Access Point. Something must be done because of the garden party in […]

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How To Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal in your house

May 22, 2017 , ,

Poor Wi-Fi reception I have many requests like this in my daily practice. For example, there is a three-floor house and many rooms in it. The internet is coming to the house and it has fibber-optic so the speed should be good. The router is new, but the Wi-Fi reception in the house in very poor. So, websites in any browser upstairs rooms open very slow and watching online movies is simply impossible. The computers […]

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Weak Wi-Fi signal from your router – how to fix it

May 16, 2017 , ,

Weak Wi-Fi Signal reality  When weak Wi-Fi at home or in your office became stressful reality, you can try free solutions before calling your internet provider. They are not guarantee that everything will working perfectly again so you can try them before more serious steps will be applied.    Free solutions to try Restart your router and computer – You can switch off your router, wait for about 30 seconds and switch on again. As […]

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