Running internet connection into your House or Office basement

May 23, 2017 , ,

Going down with the Internet During my cable and networking works, I usually try to reach the highest floor in a house or office inside the building but sometimes the direction is exactly opposite. Instead of going high I need to run down and nobody know where I would finish. I had many cases when a Home Office was situated in the cellar and the internet speed and experience was disappointing. The Wi-Fi waves by […]

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Installing a Wi-Fi access point in a Local Community Church

May 22, 2017 , , ,

Unusual Wi-Fi Request When I picked up the phone and heard the request I was a bit surprised. My good client, who asked me a few times for some networking jobs in his house, this asked me for extending a Wi-Fi signal in their community church. The Only Question In the past, I was extending wireless signal in the flats, houses, warehouses, shops and offices but in church never. The first question what I wanted […]

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