How to speed up your slow computer?

May 08, 2017 , ,

A Slow computer consume a lot of valuable time and systematically building up user frustration. Here you can find ideas for your best solution. From fast to slow computer When you bought your computer a few months or years ago everything worked perfect. Your computer was booting up very fast, programs opens in seconds and also you were very pleased. With time, everything gradually and systematically slowing down and now you are not happy. Booting […]

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Solid State Drive – healing slow computers

Apr 02, 2017 , , ,

Ageing and slow computers If your computer is a few year-olds you can notice a few signs which can worry you. A laptop or a desktop needs 2-3 minutes to boot-up, programs needs a few seconds to open and an internet browser responds slowly. All these things need time and waiting simply drives you mad. In working environment this situation, it is simply called – wasting money. Yes, slow computers causing this. Solid State Drive […]

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