WiFi Repair & Installation

WiFi Repair and Installation

Improper Wi-Fi installation can be one of the biggest mistakes a business can make and also affects the majority of homes too! If your wireless network design, configuration and installation isn’t done correctly and appropriately for the environment it will be used in, it can result not only in decreased performance but can also pose a potential security risk allowing hackers to access your network and devices.

Working with a WiFi specialist installer such as IT Box Computer Solutions will provide many value-added benefits whether you're a home or business user.

Professional Wi-Fi installation and Wi-Fi repair by our experienced team of tech experts can deliver benefits such as:

  • increased range and performance
  • application visibility and control
  • location analytics
  • high capacity throughout
  • security vulnerability detections
  • provide internet to locations not easily accessible using cables

Why choose IT Box Computer Solutions for your installation and Wi-Fi repair needs?
With years of experience as not just a wireless installer, but in a wide range of IT and tech installation and support roles for businesses in and around north London, we have a track record of excellence in both our technical expertise, and our customer-focused service.

If you would like to know more, contact us today to take advantage of our wireless network survey. We will evaluate your current setup and provide you with a solution.