Laptop Drink Spillage – how to avoid the biggest killer our laptops

Jun 18, 2017 , ,

Laptop Drink Spillage – Sometimes What Happens to Everybody  Laptop Drink spillage – This happens to everybody from time to time that your coffee, tea, wine or sparkling water meet with your laptop. These meetings are deadly serious for your laptops and you need to avoid them for any possible price. Laptops, doesn’t matter Windows or Mac, don’t like any liquids and must be kept away as far as possible. At the end of the day […]

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How to boost WiFi signal in your kitchen area and house extension

Jun 11, 2017 , , ,

WiFi signal issues Your router gives its WiFi signal to significant part of your house or flat but for some strange reason the kitchen area is not included. You enjoy a fast internet speed in every room in your mansion but your newly built extension and conservatory is out of WiFi signal. Is there anything you can do to change this situation and boost the WiFi signal so nobody will cry about it anymore? Do […]

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How to help your noisy and slow laptop work again

May 28, 2017 , ,

Another noisy and slow laptop Just two days ago I got in my hands a 6-year-old DELL laptop in very bad condition. It was dirty, noisy and didn’t want to start up when necessary. A very slow laptop. The first impression was really bad and I knew that some job must be done to make it work again. The owner of this machine did not care much about it so now was the time to […]

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How to speed up your slow computer?

May 08, 2017 , ,

A Slow computer consume a lot of valuable time and systematically building up user frustration. Here you can find ideas for your best solution. From fast to slow computer When you bought your computer a few months or years ago everything worked perfect. Your computer was booting up very fast, programs opens in seconds and also you were very pleased. With time, everything gradually and systematically slowing down and now you are not happy. Booting […]

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How to Fix Slow Internet & Wifi Issues at your Home or Office

Apr 29, 2017 , , ,

There are many reasons why you may experience slow or intermittent network and wifi connection speeds in your home or office. This post will hopefully give you a better understanding on what could cause slow internet connections. How to fix them and ultimately improve your general internet and network connectivity. Your personal WIFI So, you have your broadband at home or office and it supposed to be fun. You can connect your wireless devices such […]

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Healing weak WI-FI signal

Apr 26, 2017 , , , 1 Comment

WI-FI signal depends your internet experience We use many wireless devices to connect to the internet on regular bases such as laptops, printers, mobile phones and smart home equipment. The list is getting longer and longer and to keep them running we need strong, reliable WI-FI signal. The strength of the signal depends on how far we are from the closest WI-FI access point and how many different factors interfere the signal. It could be […]

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Solid State Drive – healing slow computers

Apr 02, 2017 , , ,

Ageing and slow computers If your computer is a few year-olds you can notice a few signs which can worry you. A laptop or a desktop needs 2-3 minutes to boot-up, programs needs a few seconds to open and an internet browser responds slowly. All these things need time and waiting simply drives you mad. In working environment this situation, it is simply called – wasting money. Yes, slow computers causing this. Solid State Drive […]

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Malwarebytes – the best solution for pop-up ads appearing on my desktop

Mar 27, 2017 , , ,

Annoying ads When you surf on the internet every day you need to know of this kind of issue. It does not matter if you have a Mac or Windows this warning apply to anybody. On both sites of your favourite browser or at the bottom appear pop-up ads, which are getting annoying for every user. You open an internet browser and you can see ads of travelling offices, hotels or job agencies. Is it […]

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