How to improve your WiFi signal quickly and efficiently

Oct 25, 2017 , ,

Typical WiFi signal issue Let’s imagine a typical situation that you live in a flat with two floors. On the first floor when the Internet router is the WiFi signal is strong and in your home office upstairs the WiFi signal is very weak and causing some troubles to your computers. Good vs. Weak Next to your router you can watch the internet video and open the website in just seconds. Upstairs the websites open […]

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Network Cabling Your House For Internet Connections

Sep 20, 2017 , , ,

Network Cabling For Convenience and Safety A network connection to the Internet became nowadays the obvious standard in our lives. Signing a contract with a Internet provider is normal. We rely more and more on connection to the internet or rather our devices which needs active IP addresses and constant connections. Our computers, TV sets, game consoles, security cameras and many others cannot fully function and serve our needs without the internet. WiFi connection vs. […]

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