Weak WiFi Signal – Physical and Wireless Factors

Oct 29, 2017 ,

The Weak WiFi Signal A weak WiFi signal in your house can be a source of an annoying personal frustration. Just because you have the Internet router in your place doesn’t mean that WiFi signal will spread around equally and strongly enough for everybody. You can have a very fast internet speed – fibber optic – bought from your Internet Service Provider but the strength of WiFi signal is your personal responsibility. When the WiFi […]

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Five the most common user computer issues

Oct 28, 2017 , ,

Here is a list of 5 the most common computer issues which users can experience during using computers. Whatever happens don’t panic and remember to back up your computer data – it protects you from horrendous costs in future. The computer does not start You press the power button of your laptop or desktop but there is no response. No lights, no noise and a big question mark what’s happened. How has this happened and […]

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Computer Network Cabling for your house or office

Sep 16, 2017 ,

Whether you are building the house or office of your dreams or rebuilding the existing one you need to equip this place and space with the latest technology – cabling. You can do it whenever you want in the future but the most important thing is to create a proper basement for your projects. Devices Need the Internet Access The latest technology demands constant access to the Internet and remember the faster the better. Nowadays […]

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Laptop Drink Spillage – how to avoid the biggest killer our laptops

Jun 18, 2017 , ,

Laptop Drink Spillage – Sometimes What Happens to Everybody  Laptop Drink spillage – This happens to everybody from time to time that your coffee, tea, wine or sparkling water meet with your laptop. These meetings are deadly serious for your laptops and you need to avoid them for any possible price. Laptops, doesn’t matter Windows or Mac, don’t like any liquids and must be kept away as far as possible. At the end of the day […]

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What is the difference between 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz in WiFi signal

Jun 08, 2017 , ,

Two WiFi Signal Frequencies Many more modern routers offer two ranges of WiFi signal frequencies and many users thinks what is the purpose of it. Many home and office users would like to make it clear why routers and access points offers these two frequency for clients. What frequency should you choose as a user and what are advantages and disadvantages of both. Three Main Factors of WiFi Signals Range – simply, the higher frequency, […]

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How to boost the WiFi signal for your garden party during summer

Jun 07, 2017 , ,

WiFi Signal in Your Garden Garden party and barbecue season just come and you are almost ready for it. You have all equipment for great fun. The grass is cut, the coal was bought and the only missing thing is the strength of the WiFi signal coming from your house. Your family, friends and colleagues will come for sure with their mobile phones and they will ask for sure for your WiFi password access. You […]

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Connection to the Internet – the Ethernet cable vs. WiFi network?

Jun 05, 2017 , ,

Be Up to Date with WiFi Technology The computer technology has been progressing for last 20 years incredibly fast and you can sometimes feel out of date with the latest achievements. Computers gets smaller, lighter and more powerful. Hard Disks are getting bigger and bigger and their life of expectancy is longer and longer. Miniaturisation and a drive to became more suitable for client needs is easily noticeable even by the most resistant technology consumers. […]

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How to connect your remote TV set to a satellite TV box

May 30, 2017 , ,

How To Connect Your Remote TV This kind of job request is getting more and more popular nowadays. Customers and clients have two or three TV sets in their properties and want to make them connected. A few years ago, this kind of job was simply impossible as every TV set had to have a separate TV satellite or cable box. Today as the technology wants to fulfil every need of consumers this task is […]

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How to improve the Wi-Fi signal in your garden office

May 24, 2017 , ,

The Wi-Fi Signal in your garden If your house or flat is already covered by the router Wi-Fi signal you can enjoy the wireless comfort. But what about your garden and your garden office shed? Do you have good Wi-Fi signal and the Internet speed over there? Do you rather have the situation that the wireless signal dramatically dropping off or your router covered this space without significant drop? Many people love their garden offices […]

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Running internet connection into your House or Office basement

May 23, 2017 , ,

Going down with the Internet During my cable and networking works, I usually try to reach the highest floor in a house or office inside the building but sometimes the direction is exactly opposite. Instead of going high I need to run down and nobody know where I would finish. I had many cases when a Home Office was situated in the cellar and the internet speed and experience was disappointing. The Wi-Fi waves by […]

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