VPN connection and how your business can benefit from it

Jun 12, 2017 , ,

Why VPN – This is the Question Computers and computer networks nowadays offers a lot of benefits for individual users and businesses. Very likely you heard about possibilities to work remotely from your home and connect to your office computer. Thanks to this opportunity you might work from your home and avoid unnecessary travelling and wasting your time standing in road traffic. We have many computer applications offering this opportunity and you can use it. […]

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What is the best data backup for your business computers

May 21, 2017 , , , ,

Local Disks or Remote Cloud Nowadays, we have a lot different options for the data backup and you can choose whatever is convenient and safest for your needs. You run and store your data storage locally on: memory sticks, external hard drives or Network Attached Storages. Your second option is data backup in cloud with remote storage far away in big data servers protected by passwords. So, the choice is yours – local and remote […]

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Network Attached Storage – NAS Server

May 15, 2017 , ,

NAS introduction Network Attached Storage is a wonderful device which can serve your house and office needs as a universal File Server and Data Storage. This device is a little very powerful computer without a keyboard, mouse and screen, connected to your local home or office network. Access to this device and storage can be set up for your mobiles, tablets, desktops and laptops. You can use a NAS device as a private cloud server […]

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How to Prevent Ransomware issues – Backup Your Computer Data

May 14, 2017 , ,

You hear a lot about a new computer infection called ransomware and think how can you prevent from it. Ransomware don’t delete your data from your hard drivers but encrypt it. After the infection happened, you receive a message that all your stuff can return to you if you pay. You worry about your data, pictures, documents, music and business files. How can you protect yourself from this kind of disasters? Backup, oh yes. Data […]

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