How to speed up your older and ageing Mac computer

Jun 26, 2018 , , , , , 2 Comments

Where is my fast and shiny Mac When you bought your Apple computer a few years ago, you felt something special about it. Your computer – MacBook Pro, iMac or MacBook Mini – was very fast and responsive to your commands. After a few years of usage and a few major upgrades it is no longer a demon of speed and you are not feeling proud any more. You like your Mac but you need […]

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Sunday Emergency for Desperate MacBook Laptop Users

May 23, 2017 , ,

Sunday Apple Paramedic for MacBooks As ITBox Computer Services is also open on Sunday quite regularly I start getting phone calls from desperate Apple Computer MacBook laptop users. Their precious machines completely refuse to work and they want to do it now. Sounds good to them when they learn that my Home Repair Office is open. Last two Sundays I had two cases when some successful emergency happened. The Case Number One In case number […]

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Anti-virus – how to protect my computer from virus and malware

May 21, 2017 , , ,

Be protected online Every day, we use our computers to surf the internet, which is not always very safe and friendly space. Protection is important for every computer user, Windows or Mac, and you should take these tips seriously. These just three tips can help you to feel much better. An anti-virus is the answer but not as a first step. Tip Number One  First, you need to run all software and operating system updates […]

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How to Prevent Ransomware issues – Backup Your Computer Data

May 14, 2017 , ,

You hear a lot about a new computer infection called ransomware and think how can you prevent from it. Ransomware don’t delete your data from your hard drivers but encrypt it. After the infection happened, you receive a message that all your stuff can return to you if you pay. You worry about your data, pictures, documents, music and business files. How can you protect yourself from this kind of disasters? Backup, oh yes. Data […]

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Video introduction to ITBox Computer Services

May 09, 2017 , ,

ITBox Computer Services We would like to introduce our services and explain how can we help all computer users. Computer Services   Repairing hardware and software of laptops, desktops, printers Windows and Apple   Network works with ethernet cables, plugs, switches, routers and servers   Improving Wi-Fi signal for home and office users   Preparing backup solutions with external hard drives, NAS and cloud storages   Building individually design computers for professionals and gamers   […]

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How to speed up your slow Mac computer?

May 08, 2017 , , ,

How to speed up your Mac is a real concern of many happy and unhappy Apple computer users. This post will explain the most basic issues with slowing down Mac computers. Your precious Mac computer Average Apple computers are double more expensive than average Microsoft carrier machines. When you think about buying Apple computer you need to multiply all costs by two. They are more reliable and better looking than Windows computers but any issues […]

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