How to speed up your older and ageing Mac computer

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Where is my fast and shiny Mac

When you bought your Apple computer a few years ago, you felt something special about it. Your computer – MacBook Pro, iMac or MacBook Mini – was very fast and responsive to your commands. After a few years of usage and a few major upgrades it is no longer a demon of speed and you are not feeling proud any more. You like your Mac but you need feel this spark again. You look at newer Macs and feel jealous about their speed, performance and shiny cases. Is there anything what you can you do to bring your Mac back to its life.

What Can I Do To Change It?

Surprisingly, yes you can do quite a lot. These hardware changes will cost you much less than buying a new machine and robbing your bank account with approximately £1000. They are two major hardware investments worth to consider by you.

Memory RAM Upgrade

MacEvery 4-6-year-old Apple computer has memory RAM pieces, which can be upgraded to higher numbers. Memory RAM is responsible for clear display of your computer, fast opening and closing applications. But the most important function is amount of many applications opened at the same time. The more RAM you have, the more Apps can be open and works with normal speed. Our Macs are always hungry for RAM so be generous and double at least twice the RAM figures. Your Mac will love you for this without doubts.

Super-Fast Solid State Drive

Solid State Drive

Solid State Drives practically provide performance about 3-4 times quicker than traditional mechanical hard drives. It is big improvement for your Apple computer to have something like this inside. For example, if your computer needs approximately 1-1.5 minutes to boot-up and be ready for any action, after the hard drive upgrade time decrease to just 20 seconds. If your Mac applications very bouncing and bouncing on the Taskbar, with SSD inside it will be approximately maximum 1 bounce only. It is huge improvement and I recommend every Apple computer owner to do it.

Just These Two Parts Are Enough?

Yes, it is enough and will be happy for the next minimum 3 years with no doubts. Doubling RAM memory and Hard Drive replacement will give your ageing computer enormous amount of energy and power which had never before. Even as a new one had not been so powerful as after that upgrade.

How Much It Costs

Cost of RAM memory is about £40-£80, depending on your machine. The costs of Solid State Drive are a bit higher, depending on the size and speed of the Hard Drive. For 120GB hard drive you need to pay about £50, for 240GB size about £80-£90, and for 500GB you need to give about £140-150. To all these part costs you need to add extra amount for an Apple technician to do it for you if you are not confident enough.

ITBox Computer Services can always help you with this kind of work as speeding-up slowing computers is always very thankful subject.





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