Weak WiFi Signal – Physical and Wireless Factors

Oct 29, 2017 ,

The Weak WiFi Signal

wifi signalA weak WiFi signal in your house can be a source of an annoying personal frustration. Just because you have the Internet router in your place doesn’t mean that WiFi signal will spread around equally and strongly enough for everybody. You can have a very fast internet speed – fibber optic – bought from your Internet Service Provider but the strength of WiFi signal is your personal responsibility.

When the WiFi signal is obviously miserable and your devices such as laptops, smartphones and TV sets dropping the connection it is time to do something about it. And believe me it can be done for everyone’s benefits. There are two main factors which can cause the issue.

Physical Factors

wi-fi signalThere are many factors influencing the WiFi signal in your flat or house. The first one is the physical location of the router. The less obstacles such as walls, cupboards and doors the better for the WiFi signal. The higher your router stands the better wireless signal spreads around. So please avoid standing your router directly on the floor. The worst physical location of the wireless router is next to your front window of the house. In this case, most of the good WiFi signal goes to the street or garden rather inside your house. The best solution would move the router into the central location of your living place.

WiFi Factors

wi-fi signalThe second group of factors are the presence of other WiFi devices in your close neighbourhood. If you live in a very busy area with many routers around you can be sure that they impact each other performance. Every router transmits an electromagnetic wave on one wireless channel. The range of the number is from 1 to 12 and most of the routers choose by default channel number 1, 6 or 11. If your neighbours have 5 routers on the same channel they will for sure interfere.  Additional wireless obstacles can be cordless phones and microwaves so please avoid them closely next to your router.

The Hard Life of WiFi Signal

As you can see now your WiFi signal doesn’t have sometimes easy work to do. It can be interfering either by physical or WiFi factors. A little investigation can help to improve the wireless signal. If after all the efforts the situation did not change you can search for WiFi signal boosters and additional routers available on the market.

Summary and Professional Offer

If you would like to assess your situation by professionals you can always contact ITBox Computer Services for the service. I can not only find the cause of your WiFi issues but also apply the most relevant solution to spread the wireless signal around.