Five the most common user computer issues

Oct 28, 2017 , ,

Here is a list of 5 the most common computer issues which users can experience during using computers. Whatever happens don’t panic and remember to back up your computer data – it protects you from horrendous costs in future.

The computer does not start

computer issuesYou press the power button of your laptop or desktop but there is no response. No lights, no noise and a big question mark what’s happened. How has this happened and what is the reason of your troubles? This is typical hardware issue and can be caused by: a broken power supply, a broken DC plug or just a fuser in your power cable.

The internet and network connection disappeared

computer issuesYou open your internet browser but there is an info that your internet connection is not working. After you try another browser and still no success. Re-staring your computer and still no joy. This can be caused by many factors: your router is broken, the internet provider has issues, the internet settings inside your computer changed automatically or you are a victim of virus infection.

The WiFi signal is dramatically weak

computer issuesYou have a brand-new router device but the wireless reception is very weak. How to boost the WiFi signal and improve the Internet speed? It might be caused by: many WiFi access points around you, too long physical distance between the router and a device and too many solid walls which obstacle wireless communication.

The operating system does not start

Your computer powers on but the operating system (Windows or OS X) does not load and brings Blue Screen of Death. How has this happen and what is the reason? It can be triggered by: corrupted operating system files, a broken hard drive or latest updates installation from Microsoft or Apple.

The computer works but very slowly

You wait ages for applications to open and your internet browser is slower than snail. What causing this issue and is this normal for computers. This problem can be caused by: lack of operating memory RAM, virus infection or slowly and gradually dying a hard drive of the computer.

The Summary

Whatever happens to your computer remember all problems can be solved by ITBox Computer Service. And please I beg you – back up your computer data – Documents, Pictures and Music. Prevention is less pricy than dealing with the consequences of the issues.