How to heal the WiFi signal from your router in your house

Jun 06, 2017 , ,

Busy WiFi Signal Areas

Many of us live in busy areas of London and almost every household nowadays has a WiFi router. It is quite normal situation nowadays because almost everybody has a broadband contract with an Internet Service Provider. Approximately, 15 years ago every one of the four-house had a router. Nowadays, almost every house and family has at least one router and nobody is surprised with this. Because the number of wireless access point grows this creates often quite common issue.

How Our WiFi Router Works

Every Wi-Fi router sending a wireless signal with a frequency 2.4GHz and has a spectrum of 13 wireless channels. By default, most of the wireless routers have three favourites channels. These numbers are – number 1, 6 and 11. You can use an application called WiFi Analyser you can see it with your own eyes. It’s free app and you can easily see your wireless channel and your wireless neighbours.

wifi signal
                                    WiFi Analyzer App     

Two WiFi Signals Fight with Each Other

Because we have nowadays so many routers around us in the closest neighbourhood there is high probability that two, three or maybe even more routers are working on the same time on the same wireless channel. If you are and your closest neighbour through the wall have routers working on the same wireless channel let’s say number 1 these two signals will interfere with each other. In practice, you can observe that your WiFi signal is coming and going. Your router wireless signal sometimes is very strong and stable and sometimes becomes very weak to disappear completely. It is very frustrating situation not only for you but your neighbour as well. The solution is very simple and you don’t need to be any computer geek to solve it.

How to Improve the Situation

What you need to do is to check with the WiFi Analyser app the current wireless situation and login into your router administration settings. The second part of the task maybe a bit more complicated but every router has a default administration address with username and password.wifi signal

wifi signal

When your login into your router you need to find, Channel drop down list usually placed in Wireless settings. After your analysis of the channels you need to find out the least congested WiFi channel and manually signed the channel in your router.

wifi signalAfter that operation, you save your new settings and check the new situation. Your WiFi Analyser after a minute should show your router WiFi signal on the channel you chose.


When you finish all these operation your wireless signal should be stable and reliable and no more loosing signal even next to your router. If you need some support and advice ITBox Computer Services is always ready to help you with this.