What is the difference between 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz in WiFi signal

Jun 08, 2017 , ,

Two WiFi Signal Frequencies

Many more modern routers offer two ranges of WiFi signal frequencies and many users thinks what is the purpose of it. Many home and office users would like to make it clear why routers and access points offers these two frequency for clients. What frequency should you choose as a user and what are advantages and disadvantages of both.wifi signal

Three Main Factors of WiFi Signals

Range – simply, the higher frequency, the shorter distance it covers. So, if you would like to cover wider area 2.4GHz wireless frequency is the winner over 5.0GHz. If the distance between your devices and the router is longer, your choice is clear. If your WiFi device stands next to your router you can choose without any question 5.0GHz.

Bandwidth – again, the higher frequency, the faster speed of data can you send and receive. In this case 5.0GHz frequency is the winner without any question. If download and upload speed matters the most you know now which frequency you should choose. Heavy upload and download is not the forte of 2.4GHz range.

Interference – 2.4GHz wireless frequency can use 13 different channels in contrary of 23 channels used by 5.0GHz frequency. It matters especially in very congested areas when so many devices use 2.4GHz frequency and it is easy to work on the same WiFi signal channel. So, in very busy WiFi environment 5.0GHz is much safer choice and low risk of wireless distractions.

As you can see now these three factors matters when you decide which frequency to choose. Range (how far you can cover), Bandwidth (speed of the data) and Interference plays important role in your decision which frequency to choose. Don’t be mistaken by higher number, choose by your personal needs.

2.4GHz Device Distractions

wifi signalWe are surrounded by many devices which produce their own 2.4GHz wireless frequency. These devices are – Microwaves, Cordless Phones, Baby Monitors and Garage door openers. If your router stands in the same room with any of them you can be sure that the WiFi signal can become weaker or disappear completely during their work. So, don’t be surprised when during your Microwave Oven session your laptop cannot work with the Internet.

Short Summary

If you like fast Internet choose 5.0GHz and if you want to cover wider area 2.4GHz should be your choice. Finally, if you live in area with many WiFi routers 5.0GHz offers much safer wireless channels. Hope that this short post made clear for you the main pros and cons of both frequencies.