How to improve your home Wi-Fi signal and router condition

Jun 01, 2017 , ,

Typical Wi-Fi Signal Issue

Just a week ago I was called to my colleague house to heal and improve the Wi-Fi situation. It did not look good at all. The Wi-Fi signal was regularly dropping off a few times a day and was very weak in the most important places in the house. They use the Wi-Fi and the internet on regular bases so it needed to be done as soon as possible.

Inspection Walk

When I arrived in his house, I did my walking around the place to see the whole picture with my own eyes. The Wi-Fi signal was not very strong just a few meters away from the router. All their computers and TV sets have been using just wireless connections. Their kitchen and garden when they spend a lot of their time was almost out of reach for the Wi-Fi signal. As the wireless signal was dropping off TV downloads were never finished on time. After exact investigation, I discovered that their Wi-Fi channel had a lot of interruptions from their neighbours. So, time to work for the superman.

Three Simple Steps

Firstly, I found the upgrade file for their Internet router and updated it. Sometimes out-of-date router firmware causing very strange router behaviour. wi-fi signalSecond, logging to administration panel of the router I changed the wireless channel for the least congested one. As every router has 13 wireless channels, three of them are usually very busy. My task was to change the default settings and manually attach to the least used one. wi-fi signalThird, I installed in the kitchen the Power Line wireless extension so the Wi-Fi signal dramatically improved for better. From this moment, the kitchen and garden were covered with a very strong and stable wireless signal.Powerline WI-FI

Yes For Improvement

These three simple steps were enough to change the whole picture for better. From now on, the Wi-Fi signal have not been dropped even once. Additionally, I connected their main computer with the router by the Ethernet cable so they were independent from future wireless interferences. The kitchen and garden area gives everyone a chance to use their Wi-Fi connected devices without smallest issue. Their TV sets have stable wireless connection so no more anger during watching football matches.


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