Laptop Drink Spillage – how to avoid the biggest killer our laptops

Jun 18, 2017 , ,

Laptop Drink Spillage – Sometimes What Happens to Everybody

 Laptop Drink spillage – This happens to everybody from time to time that your coffee, tea, wine or sparkling water meet with your laptop. These meetings are deadly serious for your laptops and you need to avoid them for any possible price. Laptops, doesn’t matter Windows or Mac, don’t like any liquids and must be kept away as far as possible. At the end of the day they are electronic machines and any contact with liquid finish with a smaller or bigger catastrophe.  

 The killing moment

There is a little misunderstanding when the real killing moment happens. It does not happen when the drink is spilled so you don’t need to panic immediately and cry. You probably immediately switch the laptop off and start drying. When it happens, you take a dry cloth or tissue and try to dry the liquid as soon as possible. When you are sure that the liquid is gone and the laptop is dry you try to switch on your laptop again. Up to that moment everything was OK and when you press the power button the real disaster happens. The liquid slowly soaking to the internal part of the laptop through the keyboard, trackpad and speakers. The liquid starts reacting with the motherboard and the corrosion process starts.

Drink Spillage – What you should do

First, you need to switch off the laptop and disconnect from the mains.

Second, take the battery off the laptop so there is no electric current running through the electronics and motherboard.

Third, try to dry the laptop with dry cloth and take the laptop upside-down to help the liquid to come out faster.

Forth, forget at any circumstances to switch it on even if you don’t see liquid any more on the surface to see if it still works.

Fifth, search for a local computer specialist to open your machine, exam the status of internal components and dry it from inside.

Thanks to these actions you have the biggest chance to save your laptop and data from a disaster. You must do it as soon as possible before the liquid makes more internal damage. Don’t wait weeks and months when is too late. A bag of rise is always an alternative. drink spillage

How to avoid the disaster

Drink Spillage happens all the time so computer technicians and repair shops have works thanks to this. If this happens to Windows laptop, simple keyboard replacement could repair the damage quite cheaply. If you have MacBook machine the repair process is much more complicated and expensive. Especially for your MacBook laptop you can buy a silicon cover to protect the keyboard. Remember drinks and laptops are not friends and should be kept far away from each other. When the disaster happened, stay cool and don’t panic. As always ITBox Computer Services is always ready to help you in case of this kind of disaster.