How to measure the Internet speed in your house or office

Jun 08, 2017 , ,

What is My Internet Speed

Many of the internet users and router owners sometimes ask themselves the same question. What is the internet speed in my house or office? Wireless and wired connection perform sometimes strangely and it would be check if your internet service provider does not cheat on you. You can easily check it as almost every internet provider has their favourite website to test it. Generally, there is no bigger difference between them so whichever you open it will tell you your figures.

Download and Upload Speed

internet speedIf you are a user of a desktop or laptop I would strongly recommend you go to a website and run the internet speed test. First it pings your router and runs two combined tests. The first test measure the Download speed and the second test measure Upload speed. The Download speed tells you how fast data from the servers can come to you. The Upload speed tells you how fast you can send your data from your computer to other internet users. Usually the Download speed is much higher than Upload so do not be surprised by testing results. To be fully sure that your speed tests gives you correct numbers I would recommend run the test minimum twice.

Speed Test for Mobile Devices

internet speedIf you are the user of smartphone or tablet you can download the Speed Test app even from Google Play or App Store and download it permanently to your mobile devices. The app is small so you don’t need to worry about the usage of your internal storage. It puts the little icon on your screen and it would be always ready for another test, whenever you are connected to the WiFi network. A highly-recommended must-have application if you like to know how bad or excellent your Internet performs.


If you have different favourites let us discuss your preferences. If your internet speed performs good you can breath peacefully, but if you have low figures I would recommend to contact your ISP and wildly complain.