Weak Wi-Fi signal from your router – how to fix it

May 16, 2017 , ,

Weak Wi-Fi Signal reality

 weak wi-fiWhen weak Wi-Fi at home or in your office became stressful reality, you can try free solutions before calling your internet provider. They are not guarantee that everything will working perfectly again so you can try them before more serious steps will be applied.


 Free solutions to try

  1. Restart your router and computer – You can switch off your router, wait for about 30 seconds and switch on again. As every router needs approximately 2 minutes to be ready in the meantime you can restart your computer. When all lights are flashing again you can check your Wi-Fi performance. If this action did not help you can try next solution.
  2. Reposition your router into better location – Every known to me the internet provider position your router into the easiest for them location. You need to know about it and organise up to 10 meters of telephone or TV cable to relocate your router. Your router should not stand low on the floor, be covered by TV set. Sometimes a few meters can make a big difference.
  3. Reset your router to the factory settings – During months and years of everyday performance there is a possibility that some settings are corrupted or destroyed. Sometimes a few numbers and single option is enough to make a big mess. The hard router reset can fix the issue permanently. You need to know that during this operation all your Wi-Fi settings which you did personally destroyed. Every router has a reset button and you need to press it and keep holding for approximately 30 seconds.

Two More solutions to try

  1. Change a Wi-Fi channel in your router – if you have two or three neighbours who have their wi-fi routers around your location this could be the issue. Every router has 13 wireless channels and three of them are particularly popular by default. There is channel number 1, 6 and 11. Your neighbours can be on the same wireless channel and interfere with yours. Your job or somebody else would be to change the channel for less congested or free completely.
  2. Reinstall the Wireless Adapter Driver or Software – every physical device inside your computer needs a software programme called a driver. This driver can be simply out of date. And therefore you need to run the re-installation process to be again in time. After re-installation of the driver, restart also your computer to be sure that all changes were applied.


If these solutions did not work for you need to search for help from some professionals dealing with these issues. ITBox Computer Services is always ready for these actions.

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