Sunday Emergency for Desperate MacBook Laptop Users

May 23, 2017 , ,

Sunday Apple Paramedic for MacBooks

As ITBox Computer Services is also open on Sunday quite regularly I start getting phone calls from desperate Apple Computer MacBook laptop users. Their precious machines completely refuse to work and they want to do it now. Sounds good to them when they learn that my Home Repair Office is open. Last two Sundays I had two cases when some successful emergency happened.

The Case Number One

MacBook In case number one the MacBook was constantly showing Kernel Panic screen. Every long-term Apple user knows that it means something serious with the operational memory RAM or other hardware components. A short examination, a few emergency start-ups and it became clear that a hard drive – main memory storage – needs a quick replacement. A little computer geek magic and after quick installation the laptop works, is fast and very responsive. Not even one tiny little sign of Kernel panic any more. You should hear the response of the MacBook owner when informed her that the machine is repaired and ready for collection. Big Happiness.

The Case Number Two

macbookIn case number two the MacBook had problem with power charge, which did not work at all. The laptop was working only with a Power Supply and the battery charge was not moving at all. Additionally, the Track Pad of the machine was completely broken and the cursor on the screen was running on its own.


As many broken laptops passed my working laboratoryI found a good battery and the Track Pad replacement.



Battery charging and Track Pad fully responding works again. After just one hour of work, again laptop was ready for payment and collection. I don’t need to repeat myself by in this case that an under promised rule did an excellent work. Another Happy Customer.

Very Happy Endings

MacBook Emergency Sundays with ITBox Computer Services work very good so far. If you have a computer from Apple or Windows machines which needs repair, please let me know and I will do the rest.