How to speed up your slow Mac computer?

May 08, 2017 , , ,

How to speed up your Mac is a real concern of many happy and unhappy Apple computer users. This post will explain the most basic issues with slowing down Mac computers.

Your precious Mac computer

Average Apple computers are double more expensive than average Microsoft carrier machines. When you think about buying Apple computer you need to multiply all costs by two. They are more reliable and better looking than Windows computers but any issues and repair are much more expansive. Buying Apple computer is like buying a membership to exclusive Apple club and let’s stay like this. But remember that your Apple computers are just like other machines and they can break down, suddenly and unexpectedly.

Slowing down processes

Yes, with time of usage they run slower and slower. In this post, you can learn how to prevent it and even reverse this process. It is not very complicated and you need to remember about double costs of every repair and upgrade.

Slowing down factors

First, let’s look quickly what causing slower performance of your Mac.

Two main hardware factors:RAM memory

  1. Shrinking amount of RAM memory – when you bought your Mac the amount of RAM memory was just optimal. But as newer software is released they are more and more hungry for operational memory. If you bought your Mac with 4GB after a few years you must add another 4GB to computer to work normally.

hard drive


  1. 2. Slow and ageing hard drives – Apple still putting into their computers traditional mechanical hard drives. These hard drives after a few years losing their performance speed and need to be replaced with faster ones. This is normal process and you need to accept it.

Three main software factors:

  1. Out of date Operating Systems – every 2 years Apple release a new operating system for their computers. So, if you never update your operating system more and more applications stop working and you need to search for their substitutes. You need to regularly update your OS X to keep up the time race.
  2. Operating System and software updates – lack of updates causing applications and OS works slower and sometimes not responding at all to your orders and needs. By not running software updates you make your computer more vulnerable to virus and malware infections.
  3. Applications sitting in start-up file – every software developer would love you to use their applications every day and make them well-known and famous. This causing situation that your Mac cannot start without any interruptions.

Speeding up process

 So, now you are aware of the issues you can start speeding up process.

  1. Firstly, find out your current memory RAM amount and double it. You can find the software to check your RAM amount and buy the memory RAM from this website:

  1. Secondly, search for Solid State Drive and replace traditional mechanical one.

    Solid State Drive
    Solid State Drive
  2. Backup your Mac data and prepare yourself for OS X reinstallation.
  3. Restore your software and data back to your computer.
  4. Enjoy your almost brand new Mac and be happy.


 If you wish to speed up your computer and stop wasting your time for waiting you are free to do it. If you are not knowledgeable enough search for local Apple professional and be ready for positive surprises. You need to remember that upgrading and updating your Mac is much cheaper than buying a new machine.