How to improve weak Wi-Fi signal

May 06, 2017 , , ,

Thanks to this post you can understand better why your wi-fi signal at home isn’t always great.

Fast internet vs. Weak Wi-Fi signal

You can have very fast internet speed from your internet provider. You can pay a lot of money to be proud of it. But if the router stays in very bad place the whole fun is not for you. You need to understand better the whole situation.

Your internet provider

Every internet provider in this country brings the internet to your house or flat with as smallest effort as possible. Your internet provider don’t care that your house has a few floors up and quite big garden. Your ISP only want to install their router and be sure the internet comes to your house. They only do their job and are responsible for the fast internet signal and a router. They don’t worry about the strength of the wi-fi signal and please don’t blame them for it.

Weak Wi-Fi signal reasons

After many wi-fi trouble shootings I can say that Wi-Fi signal can be decrease by many different factors. Thick break walls, different dimensions and locations, and properly isolated ceilings are only a few factors. Additionally, cordless phones, microwaves and other electronics producing electromagnetic waves.

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Wi-Fi signal is your issue

The Wi-Fi signal in your house is your business and responsibility. This subject is your issue and you need to find the best solution. It is your pain to give every family and household member strong and steady wi-fi signal. Fortunately, nowadays you can use many different tools which are available on the market. You can get wi-fi powerline plugs, access points, routers and many others. The choice is yours and depends on your individual circumstances. You can run Ethernet cables, install wi-fi bridges and buy internet access points.

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 Hopefully, you can understand better now who is who in your wi-fi game and what you can do to improve the whole situation.