How to Fix Slow Internet & Wifi Issues at your Home or Office

Apr 29, 2017 , , ,

There are many reasons why you may experience slow or intermittent network and wifi connection speeds in your home or office. This post will hopefully give you a better understanding on what could cause slow internet connections. How to fix them and ultimately improve your general internet and network connectivity.

Your personal WIFI

So, you have your broadband at home or office and it supposed to be fun. You can connect your wireless devices such as laptops, desktops, smartphones and smart TVs. You put your password but the WI-FI signal strength is not very good. The wireless connection works but the further you are from the router the situation is getting worse. What can you do in this kind of situation is to give every device fast internet connection.

Why does it happen?

It can be caused by many factors. The closer you are to your router the internet speed increase. The further you are from your router the internet speed decrease. This rule is very simple and you need to find a way to keep the WIFI signal as strong as possible. You need to know that the WIFI signal can be decrease by many obstacles such as thick brick walls, cordless stationary phones and microwaves. These factors you can identify very easily and eliminate if possible.

Other WI-FI networks in your neighbourhood

 If you live in a very busy area you can be sure that you have many WI-FI network users and access points. Many of them can use the same wireless channel as you do and their WI-FI signal can interfere with your WI-FI signal causing very negative interruptions. The most popular interruption is your WI-FI signal coming and going on regular bases without reasons. The solution is to find a wireless channel in your area without congestion. Our routers choosing wireless channels automatically but after login into your router settings you can do it manually.

What else can be done?

 When all the steps and tips described in this description don’t work you have two options:

  1. You can call you Internet provider and tell them about your WI-FI issues. Sometimes you are eligible for free upgrade of your router and they can run test which can tell them if everything is OK.
  2. You can search for an WI-FI adviser to professionally investigate your case. You might be advised to buy a new stronger router or an extra access point(s).