Healing weak WI-FI signal

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WI-FI signal depends your internet experience

We use many wireless devices to connect to the internet on regular bases such as laptops, printers, mobile phones and smart home equipment. The list is getting longer and longer and to keep them running we need strong, reliable WI-FI signal. The strength of the signal depends on how far we are from the closest WI-FI access point and how many different factors interfere the signal. It could be a brick wall, cordless phone and microwave working sometimes.

How to improve the WI-FI signal

As technology develops almost every day the big players introduce almost every month a new WI-FI solution. I personally know three solutions and would like to share them with you.

  1. Stronger and faster router

The first and the simplest way to improve the WI-FI situation is to buy and place your router in the most central location of your house, office or flat. New and powerful routers can be very effective and it is worth to try.

WI-FI router
WI-FI router
  1. Effective and neat powerlines

The second way to improve the situation is to buy WI-FI powerline device which can do a real magic in your working or living place. This solution use electric cables to deliver the internet signal to the places where the WI-FI signal is really weak and needs to be improved. I personally use the powerline technology from DEVOLO company and I have not been disappointed by their devices. Powerline devices are not cheap but the amount of efforts to make them working is really little.

Powerline WI-FI
WI-FI adapter
  1. Clever access points

The third and most time-consuming solution is to connect to your network an access point connected with network Ethernet cable. In many cases works very well and your only concern is to hide the Ethernet cable from a view. The WI-FI access point can be your old or cheap router which you wanted to throw to the skip.

Short Summary

All these solutions can help you to improve your situation. Depending on your circumstances you can use them in the most effective for your needs.

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